This could be you.

Cool as a cucumber.

Feeling alright.

Knowing that you are doing exactly what you want with your life.

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What´s this about?



I’m Carol, a Mexican living in London, emoji lover, overthinker and Radiohead fan dedicated to helping you to feel cool and approach every minute of your day with ease.   


First, let me share something with you...

Life is complicated, it’s bloody unfair and unpredictable.

And what do we do in response? We go with the flow of life, crying after every wrong decision that we made because we didn’t think about the consequences. We try to fit in by saying yes to things that we don’t like, we are going out when all we is want to stay in, we are attending another party with a bunch of people that we “don’t like that much anymore”. We are constantly convincing ourselves that we’ll be happy later, tomorrow, next week, one day, someday, well hello, that might happen like NEVER!

F*cking seriously! This life is so short that you better invest time in yourself as much time as you invest in your favourite Netflix series! SO YES! This is the place where you can start with Episode 1, alright let’s call it Pilot. If you like it well, hopefully you’ll binge like crazy and we’ll see each other season after season. (Carol, enough with that stupid example ok?, thanks!)

Just to be clear I’m not usually this annoying, I promise! If you don’t know me yet, this is ME!