In some ways this second stage is even more important than the first in creating change in your life.

Don’t get me wrong, knowing yourself is fundamental but, if we stop there, we will end up with a huge amount of misused information. And nobody should waste precious Data.

During this phase we're going to link the knowing with the doing. This is where you start doing what you want, gulp! 

First, you will DEFINE how you want to move forward. This is the time to create your own process. It’s where we facilitate your everyday life with processes that help you. You can think of this as an automation of your everyday life. You'll define all the inputs, decisions, task, outputs, etc to support who you are and who you want to be. 

Now, you get to TEST it. Does this process work for you? Do you have all the tools that you need? Can you go out there and be true to what you want? Do you have the courage to do this? In other words, this is where you’ll go out there and practice, practice, practice, practice and yup, PRACTICE! Why? Because until you go out there and start doing what you want, you won’t know if this is really You. If this is really who you want to be and if there’s anything that you’d like to change, tweak or keep.