Who´s behind this?



I’m Carol, a Mexican living in London.

I’m introvert, not boring. Those two are different things, thank you.

I’ve been called laddy (not lady) because of my preference to a pint of ale rather than a fancy cocktail.

I can laugh for hours (or sometimes days) about the same simple and stupid joke.    

Living in London makes me feel free, free of being myself without worrying too much of other people's opinion. This is most of the time because, (being really honest) sometimes I feel really overwhelmed about someone else's opinion and I tend to hide.

At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with severe depression, I secretly took antidepressants and went to therapy because I didn't had the courage to tell my parents. 

Whilst working at blue chip companies I learnt that they also have a lot of issues, like basic ones, those kind of issues that you won’t expect from companies of THAT size. I think that with people it is the same, no matter how shiny is the outside we all have some issues.

I wanted to be a certified coach because I believe everybody deserves a space free of judgement where it is possible to explore and overcome fears and thoughts that are difficult to share with someone else.

OK, that´s me generally speaking and below is what some of my clients are saying:

"Carol is a great listener, never interrupts you, she makes the proper questions and helps you being more open and comfortable. She also has a great ability of making you feel better without "flattering" you. I liked that she is not judgemental." Katy, Greece
"Carol’s warm and kind approach makes you feel as if you are talking to a friend, she is a very careful and sensitive listener, no word or feeling goes unnoticed or forgotten, session after session. Her questions will always strike the right chord and point you in the right direction. I could not have hoped for a better coach to help me untangle my problems and come up with realistic and achievable solutions." Vaira, UK
"I’d like to thank her for keeping up with me during our coaching sessions. Also I would like to thank her for listening and making me realise a lot of things, including what should be done on my 'issues'. Because of her I tried a different approach on certain issues, which made a big difference." Grace, Philippines